Looks Like Canada Has It's Own Anime Ad Now

As if making working at McDonald’s look like a slice of life anime wasn’t enough, the Don Draper/Makoto Shinkai hybrids of the Japanese ad world have now released a brand new animated promotional video. The subject this time? Canada.

Animated in that sweet sweet hyper realistic style that we’ve grown accustomed to in recent years, the short ad shows us around some famous Canadian tourist sites.


And even though the ad only clocks in at 31 seconds, they apparently have a whole background story all set up (via Google Translate):

Yuya Miyagi in the 5th year of the society is calm and quiet but has an active side such as preferring a backpacker journey. His girlfriend Koumi Satsuki is a junior in Yuya’s college in the second year of a society. I am busy everyday. In order to refresh such Satsuki, Yuya invites Satsuki for the first time and travels to your favorite country, Canada. What two people met in winter in Canada. It was fun, more than anything you could imagine, beautiful, and warm.

So if you ever wanted to see Niagara Falls or Toronto featured in a Makoto Shinkai movie, then...good for you, I guess.

In any case, if this ad inspired you to go to Canada, you can visit their website:


To all the Canadians out there? Does Canada really look like this? Tell us in the comments below.


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